Built an app with Next.js to help screen candidates for our entry-level job interviews. The tool evaluates candidates on their HTML and CSS knowledge and supports live coding which the candidates u...
Helped build ember-accessibility, an addon to identify and fix accessibility issues during development. It provides contextual feedback and suggests appropriate fixes. https://github.com/coyote-lab...
Led a team of developers tasked with find and addressing memory leaks in our applications. Later wrote custom ESLint rules, and educated other developers to ensure that the same issues aren't repea...
Built a pseudo-localization addon to help ensure our apps' layout stays consistent in different languages.
Eagerly Prefetching a Route's Model to Make Apps Faster https://siva.dev/eagerly-prefetch-route-models-ember/
Gave a talk on building Real Time Applications with Ember https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm6Iw4XtsEU&t=300s
Gave a talk on Differential bundling of assets in Ember at EmberJS Chennai. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh9Rndz9g2o
Improved the build timings of 7 products' websites in the Zoho Finance suite by implementing a custom cache that works on tree-based diffing. Some of these sites have 20,000+ pages. The build and d...
Built a custom tool for the management of building and deploying our websites. Currently used by ~10 teams in Zoho to manage website development.
Worked on password protection for exported reports in Zoho Books.
Worked on implementing Vendor Portal for Zoho Books.
Implemented background prefetching of assets when new changes are rolled out to production.
Redesigned and improved our deployment strategy that enabled automated deployments of our apps.
Worked on launching Zoho Finance Plus, a unified Finance Platform for businesses.
Was part of a team that worked on implementing support for India's new GST tax regime in Zoho Books.
Built a custom build tool that is now being used by 10+ teams in Zoho.
Deployed automated tests that periodically check mission critical actions such as sign up using Puppeteer and Jest.
Introduced Differential Bundling of assets in our Ember.js apps that enabled us to ship modern ES6+ JS bundles to modern browsers and transpiled JS bundles to legacy browsers. This resulted in a re...
Built ember-color-picker, a small color picker that works without any dependencies.
Integrated Zoho Finance apps with Zoho One for their new "One Unified Interface". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWKsKUEC2l8
Built a website builder tool for our Marketing and User Education teams to reuse our UI components across all landing pages.